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 Our co-operation is one of the leading companies in the field of import & export agricultural crops weather providing the local market our the international market with the highly qualified products and we believe in the loyalty of providing the market -in & outside Egypt- with the best that we can offer of the best offered in the market.

  Trading Island in dealing with its clients is looking for not only the satisfaction of the market but also having a strong relationship with them to allow both parties to strengthen the relation to be for years and years based on trust and loyalty by providing the best products for the clients market and what ever his market needs by the competitive prices and highly quality products.

  Trading Island is managed by highly qualified team work weather in import & export departments and the handling of the products by logistics department which will provide the client with every information needed from the time of growing the fresh crop till it's sold in his market.

Finally we are looking for a sincere and strong relationship with all our clients.

                                                                             Trading Island Team Work
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