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 Since 1933 the root of Trading Island for import & export started growing by Mr. Mahmoud El Sheikh as a supplier of Onions and Garlic to the local market.

Then, he expanded by fulfilling the Egyptians exporter's needs by supplying and packing their products and started handling new products like Potatoes.

 As a result of previous success Mr. Mostafa El Sheikh, Mr. Abd El Hamed El Sheikh & Mr. Abd El Aziz El Sheikh carried on the responsibility to develop his father's business by establishing Trading Island for import & export to open a new markets to widen the market of the company by starting export process world wide. Nowadays business controller parties are Mr. Mohamed Mostafa El Sheikh & Mr. Mahmoud Mostafa El Sheikh.

 During this period of having market world wide we started searching for the needs of the Egyptian local market in the field of agricultural crops. In the final result was that our market was in need for some products such as Apple, Kiwi, Banana, Pear, Cherry, and Garlic…Etc.

Mr. Mahmoud El Sheikh

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